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About Color Play

Dive into a world of endless design possibilities with the Color Play Subscription Box! Each monthly box includes a curated mix of exclusive strips that can be mixed and matched for a stunning custom nail look.

January 2023: Shades of Love

This month’s subscription box will have you wearing your heart on your nails! Discover your shades of love: whether you’re a hopeless romantic, a soulmate seeker, or someone all about self-love, we know you'll be head over heels for our January Color Play box. Fall in love with any of the three looks illustrated in the included guide, or express your true feelings through a custom manicure.

What is Color Play?

Play with Creativity:

Create a trendy mixed mani look following our styling tips or let your creativity shine and make your own look!

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Each month, you’ll receive exclusive nail polish strips available only through the subscription box.

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Discover dazzling looks each month for just $30 USD plus free shipping!