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Welcome & Thank You for Your Presence here! You are going to love your Color Street Nail Strips once you get them on your hands & feet! You’ll definitely get compliments on them. Color Street creates unique, one of a kind nail colors & designs that feels and looks natural, because it is 100% Real Nail Polish strips that can be applied over your own nails giving you a professional looking salon quality manicure & pedicure. Color Street is versatile that it can be used on Acrylic, Gel, and Dipped Nails. It is 95% Dry Nail Polish, that is easy to apply & remove with nail polish remover. No More Waiting for your nails to dry. No Toxic Fumes to inhale. Long Lasting, Economical- Saving You Time & Money, No Special Tools Needed, and Made in New Jersey, USA. I became an Independent Color Street Stylist because I believe in, love the beauty & quality of the products, and how it has solved all the problems I had experienced when using liquid nail polish. Whenever I’d have a funky looking ridged nail, I’d apply a nail strip over it, and it would camouflage the nail making it look normal & pretty till my nail grew out. Wearing Color Street makes me feel Joyful, Polished, and Confident! Yet, what I love most about Color Street is how it brings people of all ages together, creating empowering, positive, and cherished moments. Color Street is an easy, fast, and instantly gratifying product to give to yourself, and to others. You’ll See! I am here to be in and of service, so please reach out to me anytime! Coloring Your World With Love, Linda Lee Cell: 310-351-0042 Email:

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