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Hi and welcome to my Color Street page, I’m glad you are here! Let me introduce myself - I live in San Antonio, TX moving here in 2008 from Louisville, KY. I “retired” from a full time job several years ago but I keep busy doing things I love - gardening, cooking, bread baking, having fun with girlfriends, reading, bible study, exercise classes and NOW Color Street! My husband Marty and I have three children between us (all adults now and all married) and 6 beautiful grandchildren! We are the only family members in the Lonestar state, everyone else lives in Louisville and we love to visit as often as we can. Now to Color Street - I was introduced to Color Street Nail Polish Strips in December of 2017. I tried a sample and fell in love immediately! I had quit “having my nails done” professionally because quite frankly it was expensive and boring to just sit there! I rarely even applied nail polish because within a day or two it was chipping off. Enter Color Street! Real Nail Polish that lasts 7-14 days? Comes off with Nail Polish Remover? Inexpensive, easy to apply? No special tools required? Yes, I was sold and bought several nail strip sets on the spot. I was a customer for 8 months before my husband talked me into joining the company! He saw how much I loved the product and loved sharing my enthusiasm with others, so we thought why not? I am obsessed, I admit i! Come see for yourself!

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