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Welcome to my Color Street website! I'm excited that you stopped in! I'm a wife and mom of two grown daughters. I'm a former school librarian and I also worked at a small town public library for over 16 years. I'm sure it's no surprise that I love reading!

When I was introduced to Color Street and saw all the color and pattern choices I just wanted to try them all! I really love how easy it is to have fun and pretty nails. I never had the time or money to get regular professional manicures, and I never seemed to be able to get a smudge-free manicure when I did my nails at home. I usually ended up with dents and wrinkles in my polish because I'd bang them up before they were completely dry. In fact, it had been years since I had even bothered "doing my nails" because of the frustration of trying to get a decent looking manicure. I was so excited when I found out that Color Street eliminated my polish problems and I can have fancy nails just as easily as simple ones (I don't want to use the word "plain" because Color Street's solid colors look rich and classy).

After trying my third set of Color Street nails, I decided to become a stylist so that I could share Color Street's "novel" approach to nail polish with others. :) Thank you again for visiting my website. I'm excited for you to experience the ease and beauty of Color Street!

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