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Hi everyone! My name is Judy and I am a working mom of two rambunctious boys. I started on this adventure because this product is so easy to use and durable. I was able to put my first set on after 2 glasses of wine on a Friday night and they turned out great! I was hooked. Thank you for visiting my page and I look forward to being your stylist. Here is some quick info for you:

How long does it last? Although everyone’s nails are different, your Color Street manicure can last up to 14 days. Color Street strips are more durable than liquid polish, so they are more chip-resistant and last longer

How do I find the right size? A Color Street manicure set consists of two sheets, each containing 8 double-ended strips. To find the correct size for your nail, simply check the strip against your finger, choosing the one that closest matches your nail size. Gently stretch the strip (horizontally to make it wider, or vertically to make it more narrow) for a perfect fit.

What if it looks like I can just peel it off? When you open the package, the strips are about 95% dry - which makes them flexible and repositionable. They need 15 to 30 minutes to completely set to your nails.

How do I remove Color Street nail strips from my nails? Since our nail strips are made of 100% nail polish, you can use regular nail polish remover.

What if I don't think I'd be able to apply it on my own? It takes a little bit of practice, but you'll get used to it quickly. Don't worry about making mistakes, since you can reposition the strips during application. 

Are my Color Street nail strips re-sealable? Color Street nail strips are designed to be a one-time use product. Products should not be re-sealed or saved, as the product may not be usable, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.

What is the “shelf life” for Color Street nail strips? Factory sealed shelf life is 1 year from date of purchase when stored properly. Strips should be stored away from direct sunlight and at room temperature. It is possible that with favorable storage conditions, product over a year old is still in usable condition.

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