Typical Participant Earnings

The earnings of an Independent Stylist are calculated solely on the sale of products to consumers in accordance with the Color Street Compensation Plan. In addition, Independent Stylists will incur expenses in operating their Color Street business, such as the initial business kit purchase, website fees, advertising or promotional expenses, product samples, and training. Though Color Street provides the opportunity to earn income, an Independent Stylist’s success will vary based on personal commitment, individual effort, business skills, and market conditions. An Independent Stylist’s past income is not representative of future results, and Color Street does not guarantee any income or rank success. While personal income varies, the Statement of Typical Participant Earnings in Canada for 2022 is between $0 and $866 CAD annually. Participants are defined as any Canadian Independent Stylist who was active for any part of 2022. An "active" Independent Stylist is a Stylist who earned income during the year and/or paid fees associated with their business account in the previous 12 months.