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Hey everyone! Welcome to all of the dreamers like me! We all have dreams, and mine has always been to become an entrepreneur. Thankfully, I'm able to do that through Color Street and the amazing opportunities with this company. I'm Rebecca Fox and I love: mint green, courtroom TV shows, cheese, glitter, and Color Street. I hate politics and arguing. I love Color Street so much because I was really stressed out by spending time in the salon when I have another company that I run on top of this one. I'm also a freelance writer. I was also really spending way too much on ,manis/pedis (especially with tips) and I would ruin my nails right after because I couldn't sit still and would have to go back to have them fixed. thought there has to be a better way! I love this company because of the people, the friendships, the amazing product, and most of all, the way that Color Street donates to the community! Autism nails, Childhood cancer nails, with more initiatives on the way! I volunteered with the Kiwanis International organization Circle K all through college and was an international officer so this is extremely important to me to be with a wonderful company. Thank you so much for being here. Dare to dream with me, that you can have hassle-free, affordable, beautiful and fun nails, and that we can live wonderful lives with rewarding careers, and do what makes us happiest! Rebecca Fox Dare to Dream, Color Street Nails

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