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Phone: 505-507-5455

Thank you for visiting my Color Street website! Please look around at all of the beautiful and unique colors and styles of nail strips that we offer. I apologize for all of the out-of-stock notices that we're currently experiencing! Because of our record-breaking sales in March & April combined with New Jersey laws requiring companies to operate at 50% or less staffing during the COVID pandemic, we are experiencing a little bit of a "situation." For those reasons, I encourage you to contact me directly to place your order. If I don't already have what you want in stock, I will search high and low with other stylists to get you the beautiful colors and styles you desire. I'm easily reached by phone or email, and I welcome your questions.  

Each package of 16 strips is made in the U.S.A. of real nail polish---and will easily last 10-14 days! Ladies who wash their hands frequently (i.e., nurses and hairdressers) attest to the longevity. In addition, Color Street strips are removed with normal nail polish remover. 

My favorite part is that I can sit down whenever and wherever I want and give myself a gorgeous manicure at a very reasonable cost! And I don't have to worry about spilled nail polish or smudges or drying time. They're ready to go!

Please contact me for questions on the nail strips, how to host a party so that you can earn freebies, or to learn how you can join my team and get paid every week while having fun and making new friends. I'd also love to have you join my VIP group on Facebook: Marti's Enchanted Nails. My email address is or you may call me at 505-507-5455. I look forward to talking with you!



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